TSOM30: The Worst KISS with Three Sides’ Mark Cicchini


A special request from the listeners’ line, tonight’s episode, we join the original creatures of the night…KISS. We weren’t entirely sure where we’d start and what we’d find when we got there. So we recruited the expertise of a guy who truly knows his KISS, Three Sides of the Coin’s Mark Cicchini. Three Sides of the Coin is a three-guys-at-the-bar podcast that dives deep into the world of KISS and other parallel rock universes. Their knowledge is encyclopedic, and, we figured, if anyone was to know of the worst KISS recordings, it was going to be these guys.

As it turns out, Mark actually knows a shitload more than all of us and we spend the entire episode getting son’d. Jeff is inept as a host and, to compensate, he tries to turn his running partner Blake into a research gimp. Cray’s jokes fail miserably. Sam is a stupid idiot who can’t get a good take in. Blake tries to engage our guest in a pissing contest and ends up just pissing himself. This is the audio.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, the Dirty Deacon, and special guest from Three Sides of the Coin, Mark Cicchini.

Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy, the KISS tickets scene from Detroit Rock City. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

2:11: Intros
2:40: Close but no cigar for Sam…the correct answer is “Calling Dr. Love.”
3:33: THREE SIDES OF THE COIN at iTunes.
6:11: Beverly Hills Cop was later confirmed as an acceptable write-in, but only from a Detroit native.
6:55:  East Alley Records

9:50:  KISS “I Still Love You” (Casablanca, 1982) 
15:32:  The Panel discusses “I Still Love You.”
16:50:  Reminder that Jeff is a very dumb man.
19:10:  More awesome Sam rock mouth drums.
20:50:  It was later confirmed that Jeff’s copy of Destroyer on vinyl was missing. He contended that his copy might’ve been lost in a move. Later, he mentioned that, perhaps, it was a copy of KISS Alive. 
22:51:  KISS “Read My Body” (Mercury, 1989)
26:10:  The Panel discusses “Read My Body.”
27:14:  The TSOM Research Gimp sweeps into action.
30:04:  Sam is also very dumb.
32:01:  The TSOM Research Gimp sweeps into action…again.
32:13:  Jeff blows it, solidifying his position as worst podcast host ever.
33:27:  Apparently, Cray finds Jeff’s host shortfalls hilarious.
33:40:  KISS “Nothing Can Keep Me From You” (Mercury, 1999)
37:25:  The Panel discusses “Nothing Can Keep Me From You.”
38:22:  In a rare moment, Cray bombs.
40:51: Sam gets straightened out with Mark, again, having to explain to us how there’s a definitive KISS sound and the shit he doesn’t like is stuff that doesn’t sound like that KISS sound.
41:40:  Golden Cray joke buried under other panelist vocalists.
42:55:  Blake saves TSOM with his Bob Ezrin knowledge.
44:33:  KISS “I Finally Found My Way” (Mercury, 1998)
47:51:  The Panel discusses “I Finally Found My Way.”
49:50:  Jeff’s “shit that can just flow right through me” fecal comparison to pop music.
50:37:  Cray has still not listened to KISS since this episode taping.
51:35:  Jeff, just shut up.
52:46:  The Panel discusses tonight’s Stinky Pinky with it ending up in a tie between “Read My Body” and “I Finally Found My Way” on a 2-2-1 vote.
56:32:  Mark goes for a lightning round, turning in a poor 1/5 performance, however, we had to end abruptly so that Mark could switch over to the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
57:07:  Outro


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