TSOM23: Getting Put on Hold with Eli From YellowCity Podcast


Tonight, we venture where few dare as we wade in the shallow end of a vast and endless ocean of musical compositions. For #TSOM23, we discuss on-hold music. We are joined on this episode by the talents of Eli Sanchez from the YellowCity Podcast of Amarillo, TX, which aims to tell the stories of Amarillo, uncenscored and unfiltered. So, get ready to be here a while as the TSOM panel put your life on hold.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, the Dirty Deacon, and guest Eli Sanchez.

Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), Earles and Jensen , the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

1:55:  Intros
5:38:  [Anonymous] “Untitled” (No Label)
6:42: The panel discuss “Untitled.”
8:26:  Fappening = Masturbation…Sam helped define it. This joke will occur again.
10:36: Balance update: -$4.21 because Blake was a reckless jerk and bought tonight’s selection.
10:55:  [Anonymous] “My Heart Will Go On (Instrumental}” (On Hold Music)
14:37:  The panel discusses “My Heart Will Go On (Instrumental).”
21:00:  [Anonymous] “On Hold Music / Adventure” (No Label)
22:41:  The Panel discusses “On Hold Music / Adventure.”
26:00:  Eli’s seen this movie before.
26:55:  Venni Vetti Deliqui “Join.Me” (No Label)
30:22:  The Panel discuss “Join.Me.”
35:00: The panel discusses tonight’s Stinky Pinky. Blake goes a little too deep. Eli wins with a 3-2 vote on [Anonymous] “Untitled.”
42:02: Eli plays a lightning round…pulls of an impressive 4/5 only to miss a hotly debated Dr. Thunder is worse than Mr. Pibb proclamation.
43:32: Outros.


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