TSOM20: That David Bowie Show


Better late than never. The unparalleled career of David Bowie has inspired countless artists and has led to hundreds of covers…many quite tasty. But tonight, we’re not at all interested in the good or the bad…but, instead, the truly ugly. Join us in our intergalactic exploration as we search for the worst David Bowie cover ever recorded. Rest in peace, Starman, knowing that you’ll never have to hear this crap ever again.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, and the Dirty Deacon.

Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), contains elements from two amateurish covers of “Ziggy Stardust,” the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

2:09:  Intros
4:05:  Loose Ends “Golden Years” (Virgin, 1985)
7:05:  The Panel discusses “Golden Years.”
9:45:  Northern Kings “Ashes to Ashes” (Warner Virgin, 2007)
14:03:  The Panel discusses “Ashes to Ashes.”
16:40:  TSOM12
17:05:  E-Male “Let’s Dance” (E-Male, 1998)
21:50:  The Panel discusses “Let’s Dance.”
23:54:  Dirty Deacon illustrates dance music and the “chug.”
24:33:  Billy Preston “Heroes” (Polydor, 1991)
29:42:  The Panel discusses “Heroes.”
30:50:  Sam runs down Billy’s fall from glory with a truly despicable 1991 which included arson, drug use and sexual assault…and, of course, the release of “Heroes.” A sad trajectory.
32:43:  A list of David Bowie covers can be found here.
34:15:  Fear Cult “The Man Who Sold the World” (Cleopatra, 2000)
37:30:  The Panel discusses “The Man Who Sold the World
39:12:  Dirty Deacon name drops like a elitist prick.
40:26:  A balance sheet update from the Administrator. The “Blake Bailout Plan” includes a plan where Blake would pay back the full ($3.22) in debt in one single heroic payment. This shit is only a band-aid for frivolous spending patterns of the Panel.
41:20:  11536143_436340366548649_8312196552641437510_n
41:45:  American Horror Story “Sorrow” (Spite, 2014)
44:04:  The Panel discuss “Sorrow.”
46:30:  More Dirty Deacon and his music snob take of the episode.
47:32:  Frankie Goes to Hollywood “Suffragette City” (Chrysalis, 1986)
50:58:  The Panel discusses “Suffragette City.”
52:10:  Dirty Deacon is a constant contrarian.
53:50:  William Shatner “Space Oddity” (Cleopatra, 2011)
57:57:  The Panel discusses “Space Oddity.”
59:53:  TSOM08
60:39:  More contrary perspectives from the Dirty Deacon.
61:37:  The Panel discusses its selection for tonight’s Stinky Pinky, in a 3-1 vote, Billy Preston’s “Heroes” wins with the victory credited to Jeff.
63:47:  Outros


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