TSOM12: Bang Your Head…The Metal Show

replacefrontmanFor this episode, the TSOM panel gets pummeled by a five fingered death punch of metal. They are joined by Jeremiah Wehler who speaks fluent metal. In fairness to the genre, we understand that finding five songs that truly capture the worst of the metal genre is a lofty goal. For this reason, we are currently contemplating further chapters to make sure we are doing our due diligence in our journey. All in due time, our dear friends. One can only endure so much at once.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, the Dirty Deacon, Blake Collier, and first-time guest Jeremiah Wehler

Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), contains elements from the the “Jerry Springer Show” featuring GWAR, the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

1:36:  Intros
2:39:  Band names.
3:47:  Annihilator “Kraf Dinner” (Roadrunner, 1990)
6:20:  The TSOM Panel discusses “Kraf Dinner.”
6:58:  Blake plays class clown like a real asshole.
8:20:  Kei Kunihiro “Inverti in the Darkness” (Kei Kunihiro, 2012)
12:32:  The TSOM Panel discusses “Inverti in the Darkness.” Kei falls under allegations of “trolling” to which Cray quickly denounces it.
13:18:  Sam asserts himself as an authority in denim apparel.
13:50:  ll-cool-j-brad-paisley
15:27:  The Ragdolls “Freddy is Coming for You” (Ragdolls, 2011)
19:46:  The TSOM Panel discusses “Freddy is Coming for You.”
20:36:  Wednesday13’s “Haunt Me”

21:05:  Jeff plays role of urban dictionary, describing what a “bitch move” is, SEE ALSO “BITING” (not to be confused with “move, bitch” from Ludacris…everyone’s favorite action figure rapper)
21:27:  Blake gets sad. Jeremiah also feels a little sad and then reminisces.
22:26:  Sam trying to get a rise out of the Panel. We have since confirmed that he is not glad Wes Craven is dead.
23:12:  Exorcist “Riding to Hell” (Cobra, 1986)
26:42:  The Panel discusses “Riding to Hell.”
27:17:  The Metal Bell Curve hypothesis.
27:45:  images
28:17:  Jeremiah drops 1986 knowledge and explains why Exorcist is not as bad as we originally thought.
29:52:  The band’s name is “Anal Cunt,” which violates our Panel’s code of conduct and language.
30:37:  Anal Cunt “I Lit Your Baby on Fire” (Earache, 1999)
32:32:  The Panel discusses “I Lit Your Baby on Fire,” with Jeremiah explaining the origins of A.C. and then reveals the trolling nature of the band.
34:10:  To clarify, Sam says “biographical” and not “autobiographical” which is a completely different discussion.
34:22:  Cray looks for cool points.
34:34:  The Panel and Jeremiah discusses the Stinky Pinky picks, settling on Cray’s pick, The Ragdolls’ “Freddy is Coming for You” with a 3-1-1 vote.
35:47: The Daniel Telis Project “Juego Sensual”

36:55:  The Panel plays Undercover with Sam successfully guessing Ten Masked Men’s cover of Eiffel 65’s “Blue.”
37:50:  Outros

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