TSOM02: Amazing America: Struggling Through Bad Patriotic Records

patritoic For this episode, the crew prepares for the July 4th weekend by spending their hard-earned American dollars on a kiddy pool of Milwaukee’s Best and endless Wal-Mart bags of bottle rockets. Then, they select the soundtrack for the weekend by carefully curating a playlist of the worst red, white and blue anthems they could find not recorded by Lee Greenwood.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, B. Collier Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), contains elements of Carl Lewis at his finest, the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

1:39 – Intros
3:33 – Snippet of Cray’s original submission, Todd Allen Herendeen’s “My Name is America” (Straight Arrow, 2002), which amazingly starts at the end of the bridge and only takes :25 to end.
5:00 – Jeff pleads gently to the audience to help us recoup our cost for Cray’s second pick. We need $.99. Time to tighten our belts, folks.
5:13 – The Christian Crooners “That Grand Ol’ USA (Patriotic)” (Freeman Music, 2013) 8:02 – The TSOM Panel discusses “That Grand Ol’ USA (Patriotic)”.
8:51 – Blake gets tripped up on “swung” and “swang.”
9:00 – Continued “That Grand Ol’ USA (Patriotic)” discussion.
10:00 – Cray sympathizes with the Christian Crooner.
10:42 – Blake has an apparition.
12:44 – Jeff gets a little sad. Not in a firework mood.
13:39 – Miri Ben Ari (featuring Doug E. Fresh) “Star-Spangled Banner” (Universal Music, 2005)
16:15 – The TSOM Panel discusses “Star-Spangled Banner.”
17:08 – Cray recognizes that Miri Ben Ari’s performance has elements of “like-skill.” Then, exposes a TSOM phenomenon where expectations are so high and results are so low creating a huge disappointment.
18:30 – “Jerkoff.”
19:05 – Cray speaks on self-indulgent performances.
20:05 – Blake has issues with names. He introduces his pick…getting the name of the artist and the song incorrect.
20:41 – As promised, the video for Dennis Madalone’s “America, We Stand as One.”

21:02 – Dennis Madalone “America, We Stand as One” (America We Stand as One, 2005)
24:12 – The TSOM Panel discusses “America, We Stand as One.”
24:41 – Blake goes on an adjective kick.
25:22 – Jeff admits being asleep at the wheel.
26:01 – Cray is leery. Suspects one of two possible origins to our boy Dennis Madalone.
27:50 – Jeff reveals the truth behind Dennis Madalone. Dennis_Madalone,_Firstborn
28:45 – Sam insults Cray’s dad’s musical affinities.
29:34 – Sam reminisces on his pick.
30:19 – Pat Boone “For My Country” (The Gold Label, 2008)
33:25 – Demonic bass putting in work, son! 34:20 – The TSOM Panel discusses “For My Country.”
35:00 – Blake refers to the video above.
36:16 – Sam correctly guesses Pat Boone’s age at 81 years old.
36:32 – The TSOM Panel discusses who wins the Stinky Pinky award this show.
39:44 – The TSOM Panel splits over who wins the coveted Stinky Pinky this week on “For My Country” and “Grand Ol’ USA (Patriotic).”
40:17 – The TSOM Panel plays “Author, Actor, or Athlete.”
40:36 – Jim Nabors “You are the Sunshine of My Life” (Columbia, 1973)
41:05 – Blake correctly guesses “actor.”
41:15 – Blake upsets Sam as he guesses the recently deceased Christopher Lee.
42:00 – TSOM concludes. Please email us at thesmellofmusic@gmail.com with any complaints or compliments.


2 thoughts on “TSOM02: Amazing America: Struggling Through Bad Patriotic Records

  1. So many questions on the Dennis Madalone track, so many as I was pulling into work and had to press pause. Where is he going at the beginning? Is he dying but still will be here, or is the USA dying and still will be here, what’s happening with the tree and it’s leaves – is that a reference to the co-dependent abused “Giving Tree”?
    I am sure that the Miri Ben Ari track was a performance art piece depicting the struggle of schizophrenics so that one may get a pass…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for listening, Nicole. It brings us much joy to hear about how our listeners have been thrown into the looney bins because they were mad with laughter from listening to us. And it brings me much joy to know that 2/3 of your comment surrounded MY PICK: the one, the only, the badass, Dennis Madalone (aka Dennis Badalone).

      PS The Giving Tree is definitely problematic, but maybe not as problematic as Love You Forever. Now that is some weird codependence!


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