TSOM01: Taggin’ Up With the Hulkster


For this episode, the crew takes three selections from Hulk Hogan’s 1995 release Hulk Rules and subjects themselves to the atrocity of this record. They are joined by Clint Carroll, who is sickeningly well-versed on the record as well as other albums recorded by wrestling stars. He is an old friend of TSOM’s Jeff. He met him searching for a CD at a music store back in 2001.



Show notes:

Voices: J. Wyrick, S. Bennett, C. Allred, B. Collier and special guest Clint Carroll (from somewhere in East Texas)


Clint Carroll with the disturbing admission he owns two copies of this record.

Recorded the evening of 6/11 in a hot garage where a dog has defecated in the corner and a hornet was swarming overhead, making for an uncomfortable start to our taping.

Intro music contains elements of M.Barnacle’s “Erase That” (used with permission), contains elements of some old video of Mean Gene, the Fat Boys, Kid Koala, Johnny Adams, Biggie Smalls coughing up something nasty, Larry and Tommy. Arranged by TSOM’s Jeff.

1:08 – Intros. Jeff talks in his best radio host voice.
1:53 – Sam speaks from inside a potty. Mic issues to be resolved in future casts.
2:31 – Introduction of Clint Carroll. Speaks of an instance in which he punched a sixth grader.
3:39 – Clint starts off our TSOM podcasts with a somber note, but makes up for it 30 seconds later.
4:24 – Clint nerds out on the liner notes.
5:05 – Clint drops Jimmy Hart knowledge on the group.
5:29 – Blake echoed devil laugh.
5:51 – SONG: “I Want to Be a Hulkamanic” (Select Records, 1995)
8:36 – The panel discusses “I Want to Be a Hulkamanic.” Blake mentions clowns and then speaks French. Cray calls Mr. T lame. Sam is confused
10:13 – Clint makes Jeff feel old and then makes a stunning observation.
10:43 – Jacob Smith shout-out.
11:13 – “Makes succeed.”
11:47 – SONG: “Beach Patrol” (Select Records, 1995)
13:43 – “Backseat, baby!”
14:00 – The panel discusses “Beach Patrol” by, firstly, questioning Hulk’s sobriety.
14:39 – Blake says, “Rape-y.”
16:05 – Clint dominates and then gets heady on the panel.
16:43 – Cray reveals a history with the record and an immediate recognition of the melody and then hints at possible future show themes.
17:39 – Clint assumes J.J. Rocket is a man and then draws a correlation between Linda Hogan and Linda McCartney.
18:09 – Clint thinks that the best thing about the entire record is that Hulk insisted as being listed in the liner notes as “T. Hulk Hogan.”
19:00 – Sam questions how many people who has paid full price for this record leading to a conquest to find the only person in America who paid list price for this album which is approximated at $19.98 back in 1995.
20:14 – SONG: “Hulkster in Heaven” (Select Records, 1995)
23:00 – “Hulkster in Heaven” gets too long.
24:45 – Sam circles back.
25:35 – Blake feels his pain. Or just pain. 
25:56 – Clint goes on a long-winded diatribe regarding how disturbing “Hulkster in Heaven” is.
27:19 – Clint recognizes that the boy is British which is Sherlockian.
27:45 – Cray hopes the song is about a dead fan.
28:10 – Clint comes back of a parting shot.
29:10 – Jeff breaks the tie and awards tonight’s Stinky Pinky award to “Hulkster in Heaven” as the worst song we’ve listened to on tonight’s show.
29:18 – Blake confesses.
30:25 – Blake drags down Michael Fiore with him.
31:00 – Sam aces the Lightning Round. It’s his game.
31:25 – TSOM concludes. Please email us at thesmellofmusic@gmail.com with any complaints or compliments.


One thought on “TSOM01: Taggin’ Up With the Hulkster

  1. I just listened to the first two podcasts on way to work and my sides and head hurt from laughing so hard, people in traffic immediately called the police to report an escaped laughing lunatic… you have all the elements to makes succeed. Please keep doing what you are doing, you made my day.

    Liked by 1 person

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